OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI began my teaching career as an adult educator, teaching GED classes as well as coordinating a tutoring program for adults who needed to learn basic literacy, math, or English language skills. Through this work, I had many opportunities to witness the importance of writing in the lives of my students, even when those students were struggling to master the rudiments of spelling. Since that time, I have taught writing courses at Penn State University, a fiction writing elective for high school seniors at SCH Academy in Philadelphia, and a variety of community-based creative writing classes. In all of my teaching, I remain committed to making the tools of creativity and self-expression available to writers of all levels and degrees of experience.

I strive to create inclusive, constructive communities of writers in all of my classes. My greatest goal as a teacher is to help each student develop a sustainable writing practice that can grow and change in accordance with their individual needs.


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